An Excel-based any Year, any Week Day small Business Holiday, Training and Absence Planner, featuring Julian Calendar with UK Bank Holidays, ISO Week numbers and Date Tracker. The Holiday Planner allows you to plot Holiday Days, Training Days and Absence Days and up to 5 configurable Codes against 100 Employees (without modification), collating the Monthly statistics into a simple Summary Worksheet. The Calendar Year view gives you a detailed view by Employee of all of the Holiday Days, Training Days and Absence Days booked in a Grid format for the selected Year. Full Days Booked are shown as a solid Fill Colour and half-days are shown as shaded. Options allow you to show or hide Bank Holidays and Weekends on the "Calendar Year" Worksheet or any of the individual Calendar Month Worksheets. Weekend Days can also be changed, for example, for UAE (United Arab Emirates) "Friday" and "Saturday" can be set as Weekends instead of "Saturday" and "Sunday". They can be displayed on the "Calendar" Worksheet and individual Calendar Month Worksheets. Other features include the ability to choose any Week Day to begin the Calendar Year and the individual Calendar Worksheets

Excel 2010 or Excel 2013

Features include:
Perpertual Julian Calendar - change the Calendar to any Year & everything adjusts to fit
Beautiful Conditional Formatting visuals with Zoom level set to between 60% (small Screens ie. Laptops) and 100% (larger Screens and PC)
A Summary Worksheet collates all of the Code statistics for all of the Employees
A Calendar Year Worksheet details all of the Holiday Days, Training Days & Absence Days in a single Calendar Year Grid and Totals Snapshot
Date Tracker to display Dates for Holidays, Training & Absence and the ability to view Dates until/remaining by a specific Date
The Calendar Worksheet can start on any Day of the Week
The Individual Calendar Worksheets can start on any Day of the Week with the Days prior to the start Day displaying on the previous Month
Force Individual Calendar Months to start on the 1st of the Month but start the Year Calendar on any Day of the Week
Holidays, Training and Absence Codes are configurable
5 additional Configurable Codes are allowed
Employee Names no longer have to be unique ie. you can have John Smith under one section Header and then another John Smith underneath a different section Header on separate Rows and all of the calculations will still work
Individual Calendar Month Worksheets simplify the booking process
UK Bank Holidays are automatically populated using Conditional Formats
The Holiday Planner automatically adjusts to handle the Leap Year in February
The Holiday Planner features ISO Week Numbers, Day of Week & Date
Conditional Formatting automatically Formats the Codes, Weekend Days & UK Bank Holidays
Conditional Formatting can highlight Section Headers on the "Summary" and Individual Calendar Month Worksheets through the use of a colon ':' sufix
The Holiday Planner captures half Days for all Codes
The Calendar is easy to setup and adjust for a new Year
Unlimited Employees - unprotect the Worksheets and drag down the Cells on 'Grouped' Worksheets to extend the number of Employees from 100 - you can also reduce the number of Employees if this is required
You can choose different Days for the Weekend, for example in UAE (United Arab Emirates) 'Friday' and 'Saturday' can be set as Weekend Days
Holiday Planner Worksheets are now Protected by default
You can also lock the Planner down using a Password and Save it on a Network Drive, making it Read-only for your employees but Admin ready for yourself
You can Hide the highlighting for the Bank Holidays & the Weekends on the Calendar and the individual Calendar Month Worksheets
Holiday Planner features Row or Column Banding on Worksheets that can be toggled 'on/off' in the "System" Worksheet
Codes are case insensitive meaning the Workbook interprets upper and lowercase letters as being the same
The Workbook does not use any VBA & the Formulas used are faily simple to understand
Holiday Planner can now be used to track 'Absence Hours' or 'Hours Worked' using a Drop-down option on the "Summary" Worksheet - in fact you can rename this to anything you like or add another name to the Drop-down Data Validation list to track Hours. You can enter any positive or negative Value in any of the Calendar Cells to record the Hours
You can now begin the Calendar in a different Month ie. April. This rotates any Worksheets 'Years' that are not within the current Year to be the next Year ie. April 2016
This means that you can track Holidays, Training Days etc. from April 2016 through to March 2017 - because there is no VBA Code , you will need to manually reorder the Worksheets so that they are in the sequence that you require and all of the Formula will pick up the changes

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