I develop Software for Excel using VBA. Even though it drives me insane, I have a conscious desire to create and push boundaries, whether it be through programming or art, it is a relentless, internal quest for discovery and perfection; a perfect work of art, a complex formula or equation, a beautiful poem, a complete body of work. This is what motivates me, in life and in work

My Sofware for Excel is available via FastSpring for £2.99 with Classes at £2, How To articles with code and Templates for £1. All items are licensed under an MIT License. Thank you for your continued support


I get a lot of Email, unfortunately, too much to respond to everybody for general enquiries anymore. If you have purchased any Software I offer limited support via Email or the Facebook link below - you need to provide the order number as 'proof of Purchase' when requesting support otherwise I may not respond. Please try not to contact me asking random questions like "do you have something to..." or "Can you do this for me, I am willing to pay you for it..." as these will get short shrift!

If in doubt, please DO NOT contact me on Facebook unless it is about Licensing or Support for a purchased Product

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process... Vincent Van Gogh

If you have used any of my free Software or Code and wish to donate, you can use this:
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