Mark Kubiszyn


The Dead Fish Concept

It began in an earlier time. When the earth burnt red and her heavens were puerile. Where the sun spat firestorms and lightening cracked the darkness. In this maelstrom of chaos lone forces flourished, born unto the brane and nurtured by its madness; vessels of uncompromising energy and unimaginable malevolence. Harbingers, purveyors of faith, eternal, for whosoever, whatsoever. With them, they brought pestilence and famine, delivering devastation to an unknowing world. Through them, came the light, and the knowledge, and the thinking behind all man

The Dead Fish Acrylic Image

The Dead Fish Image

The Dead Fish Original Crayon Drawing


Tiny white orbs floating on a dark, abstract background

Hallucinogen Image


Whispy, swirling, rising smoke abstract

Smoke Image

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