This CVC Generator allows you to generate Combinations of CVC's (3 levels of different data) in Excel for APO Demand Planning

It takes 6 Columns of data and generates any of the Cells that are highlighted in the Odd Columns and then builds an output File from these selections (it can include the Descriptions too if you want). The Workbook allows you to create your own Table of data and format the output by sorting the Columns, sorting the final output, adding in Blank Columns, inserting new Columns with auto-populated Text Fields, renaming the Headers for the Columns and repeating Columns. The Table can be moved anywhere on the Worksheet so that you can design it for your own Company requirements. There are many features - please see the list below

APO allows you to create single and multiple CVC's (Characteristic Value Combinations) for CPG's (Customer Planning Groups) by APO Products by APO Locations. You can create CVC's directly in APO or via an Excel Workbook and then Paste them from the Clipboard or upload them from a flat file. The SAP Transaction Code is /n/SAPAPO/MC62 - Maintain Planning-Relevant Characteristic Combinations, Create Characteristic Combinations. CVC Generator makes this process even easier

Windows 7/10, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 (32bit or 64bit)

Features include:
Odd Column data can be highlighted for a Fill and Font Colour of your choice and is used to generate the Combinations
Even Column data can be used for descriptions for your CVC's
The data does not need to be highlighted in any special order & you can have Blank Rows inbetween CVC's
The CVC Table can be moved anywhere in the Worsheet
The CVC Output Columns can be replicated, reordered and include extra Blank Columns
The CVC Output Headers can be renamed
You can maintain lists of commonly used Output Column Orders & Headers
You can insert extra Columns into the CVC Output data and auto-populate the Field with Text
You can Sort the final CVC Output data by any number of Columns
You can deselect an individual Cell in the Table Column

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