Quick Steps

Alerts documentation

2 Simple Steps to start working

  1. Start a Project from scratch using the Alerts Workbook that you purchased or Export the 2 UserForm .BAS Files from the Alerts Workbook and then Import these Files back into your own Project
  2. Call the Initialise() and DisplayMessage() Subroutines to run Alerts - see the examples that come with Alerts.xlsm


Alerts was written by Mark Kubiszyn

  • the latest version is version 1
  • as per terms of the Software License, you should leave the following code attribution in situ

' © Copyright/Author:
' Mark Kubiszyn 2012-2017. All Rights Reserved
' Website/Follow:
' http://www.kubiszyn.co.uk/
' https://www.facebook.com/Kubiszyn.co.uk/


You can Purchase Alerts for £2.99 via FastSpring by clicking here


Configuring Alerts is straightforward. Here is the Code to create a simple Success Alert:

    AlertBox.Initialise vbSuccess
    AlertBox.DisplayMessage "Success ", "- your request has been processed"

Function Parameters

Here is a list of Parameters for the Initialise() and DisplayMessage() Subroutines, (marked black) together with examples for each Parameter (where multiple examples are given, you can pass any single occurance as the Parameter):

   Alert vbSuccess, vbWarning, vbInfo, vbDanger
   BarWidth "10px"
   AllowMessageTextSelection False, True
   HideCloseCross False, True
   PreventEscapeDismissingAlert False, True
   AlertWidth 400
   AlertHeight 300

   AlertTitle "Success "
   AlertMessage "- your request has been processed"
   DismissByLightBoxClick True, False

You can also change the LightBox to be a Black LightBox:

    ' // change this to use a Black LightBox or a White LightBox ie. vbWhite, vbBlack
    Private Const lngLightBoxColour As Long = vbBlack

Screen Shots

HTML Formatted Alert:
Alerts HTML Formatted
Here are all of the Alert Types, vbSuccess, vbWarning, vbInfo and vbDanger:

Info Help
Danger Error


Support is only given to Purchased Software. You should only contact me on the Support Email address supplied by FastSpring - please provide proof of purchase ie. Email address or Order Reference


08.11.2016 - Version 1 released