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Rollover Sidebar Calendar

Version 1


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This documentation is to help you understand the Software and to give you a more meaningful insight into what it can do. Please go through the documentation and read it carefully · Basic VBA skills will be required


You will need the following Excel Version & Prerequisite to use this Software

  1. Excel 2010, 2013 & 2016 (32bit or 64bit)
  2. Basic VBA skills
  3. Access to the VBOM (a setting in Excel) & Macro's must be enabled
  4. Windows PC · NOT a Mac!

No support is provided for customization or development of this Software

About Rollover Sidebar Calendar #back to top

Here is a Rollover Sidebar Calendar for Excel that can be used to pick a Date and Capture the Date by a Defined Name or by VBA. You can advance the Month using a Drop-down Combo Box or back & forth using tiny arrows. You can set the Calendar to the current Date by pressing the 'Today' Button. As you roll across the Calendar the Cells are highlighted Red and the Selected Day is highlighted Black

Rollover Sidebar Calendar Image 1000px x 654px

Features include:

  • * A Rollover Calendar, where the selected Date is shown in Black and the highlighted Dates are shown as Red as they are 'Rolled over'
  • * A Collapsible/Expandable Sidebar to Hide or Show the Calendar
  • * A Month Selection Drop-down Combo used to Select a Month from 1 Year backwards or 1 Year Forwards
  • * An optional Text Fade when scrolling back & forth through the Calendar Months

Getting Started #back to top

The download File

Open the 'Rollover Sidebar Calendar.xlsm' File. Test that you can Expand and Collapse the Calendar. Check that the Dates are highlighted when you Rollover the Calendar

Calendar Settings #back to top

Configuring the Calendar is straightforward. Here are the available options:

Calendar Month Format				mmmm yyyy
- change this to how you want to see the Month displayed ie. 'October 2017'

Calendar Start Day					Monday
- change this to either 'Monday' or 'Sunday'

Fade Calendar on Refresh			TRUE
- change this to TRUE to fade the Calendar or FALSE to ignore the Setting

Set Calendar to Today on Opening	TRUE
- change this to TRUE to set the Date as Today when opening or FALSE to ignore the Setting

Capture a Click on a Date using VBA	FALSE
- change this to TRUE to Capture a Date using VBA or FALSE to ignore the Setting

Capturing the Date by the Defined Name #back to top

You can Capture the current Selected Calendar Date using the CalendarDay Defined Name like this:

In any Cell (not in-line with the Calendar Rows) add the following:

You can Format the Cell to display the Date exactly how you want
A Custom Format of dddd, dd mmmm yyyy will display the Date like this:
Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Capturing the Date using VBA #back to top

You can Capture the current Selected Calendar Date using VBA. Press ALT+F11 to enter the VBA Editor

Double-click on the Sheet2, System Worksheet Code Module - here you will find the Worksheet_Change Event Handler. I have added a simple MsgBox to display the Date. You can Call your VBA routine from here - I have added a Subroutine called 'Test' to another Code Module and Call it from the Subroutine below:

' // capture a Date on the Calendar if the Option is selected on the "System" Worksheet
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

    If [CaptureClickOnDate] And Not Intersect(Target, [CalendarDay]) Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox [CalendarDay]

        ' // Call a VBA Subroutine from here
        Call Test
    End If

End Sub

And in another Code Module here is my 'Test' Subroutine where I set Cell "L11" to the Selected Date - obviously, you may want to do something other than just this:

Option Explicit

Sub Test()

 Range("L11").Value2 = [CalendarDay]

End Sub

Other Settings #back to top

Other settings should not be edited ie. Calendar Date, Calendar Year, Calendar Month, Calendar Day as these are used internally by the VBA Code

Screen Shots #back to top

Month Selection Drop-down Combo

The Rollover Sidebar Calendar detailing the Month Selection Drop-down Combo used to Select a Month from 1 Year backwards or 1 Year Forwards:

Rollover Sidebar Calendar Month Select

Highlighting the Calendar Days

The Calendar in the process of being highlighted by the Mouse using the Rollover technique:

Rollover Sidebar Calendar Rolled Over

New Date Selection

The Calendar with a new Date Selected:

Rollover Sidebar Calendar Date Selection

Collapsing the Calendar

The Calendar in its Collapsed state:

Rollover Sidebar Calendar Collapsed

Videos #back to top

Video of the Rollover Sidebar Calendar in action

Rollover Sidebar Calendar Demo (Today in the Video was Wednesday 11th October 2017 - when the Video was made):

There are currently no frequently asked questions about this Software that cannot be answered via this documentation

Support #back to top

Please remember you have purchased very affordable Software and you have not paid for a full-time Software design agency - I am but one man. Occasionally I may help with small tweaks, but these requests will be put on a much lower priority due to their nature. You have not PAID for Support, Support is 100% optional and I provide it for your convenience, so please be patient, polite and respectful

Support (limited) for my Software includes:

* Responding to questions or problems regarding the Software and its features
* Fixing valid (replicated) bugs and reported issues for the VERSION I HAVE WRITTEN

Software support does not include:

* Customization and installation services
* Support for third party software or ANY kind of development whatsoever

Before seeking support, please...

* Make sure your question is a valid Software Issue and not a customization request
* Make sure you have read through the documentation and any related video guides before asking support on how to accomplish a task
* Make sure to double check the Software FAQs or online documentation
* Ensure that you access to the VBOM is allowed and that Macros can run in Excel
* Make sure to provide 'proof of purchase' and state the name / version of the Software that you are having issues with when requesting support by Email or via Facebook

How to get Support

Contact Mark Kubiszyn on the Email address provided when you purchased the Software, including the Order Number
Contact via our Facebook Page - remember to be patient, if there has been an issue with your download, I will always respond within 48 hours and will Email you the File directly if neccessary or via Messanger. For other issues the response time may be considerably longer and I may choose to respond to specific questions only (as is my right), depending on what has been asked

Version History (Changelog) #back to top

You can find the version history in the Code Module for any Macro-enabled Software or read more information below. The latest Version is always shown first


14.10.2017 - (Version 1) released
- Standard Rollover Calendar with Fade Text routine, Month Drop-down Combo Select and the ability to 
Capture the Date using a Defined Name or VBA Subroutine