Here are some easing Functions put together with a Frame Timer to allow you to create some nice effects for animation in Excel. I have added a small green square, a Frame Timer and a Chart that plots the values from the easing Functions

Windows 7/10, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 (32bit or 64bit). Knowledge of VBA to use these Functions in your own Projects

Features include:
A Frame Timer, used to sync the animations
Some nice Easing Functions:

Running the Easing Functions:
Select one of the Easing Functions from the Drop-down Box on the 'easingFunctions' Worksheet and press the 'Run Easing' Button to watch the animation. An easing Chart will plot the derived values to show you the shape that the animation takes

About the Easing Functions & The Code to Run Them:
The easing Functions have been taken from Robert Penners easing functions
I have ported them so that I can use them in VBA. I have not ported all of them - I have selected a few really nice ones and written a demo to use them. This is the Product that I am offering for anyone interested in animation

The Code I have written initialises a Shape Object (a small square image) and then synchronises to a Frame Timer in a running loop. Within the loop I then call one of the easing Functions. The easing Function returns a value that is applied to the Top, Left, Width or Height of the Shape to create the movement (I use the Top for my examples). At any moment in time (ie. a Frame) a different value is returned by the easing Function. Think of the Functions as waves, indeed if you examine the output of the Function using the Debug.Print statements included you can see how the values turn into the numeric waves - these values can also be ploted on a Chart. It is these wave-like values and the Function algorithms behind them that provide the 'Bounce' or 'Elasticity' for some nice little effects. The reason I ported these Functions is to use some of the effects with UserForms but they can be applied to any Object

Don't want to Buy but want to Have a go at Porting the Functions Yourself?:
The easing Functions these days are all wrapped up in easy to handle scripts like jquery.easing.js. You can ignore the 'x' parameter. Here is a link to an easing Functions Cheat Sheet

20.10.2016 - (Version 1) released

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