Here is a nanoscopic, animated Flashbar for Excel. You can use this animation to inform the user that you have just processed something. As an example, consider after Saving some data giving a quick Flash to the user would be indicative of a successful Save. The Flashbar dynamically creates and destroys a Shape Object, rendering a lovely little Bar across the top of the Worksheet that fades out as the animation ends. It has a subtle use as opposed to a Message Box which requires user interaction. This type of animation is widely used around the Internet as an indicator when loading Pages etc.

Windows 7/10, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 (32bit or 64bit). Some knowledge of VBA to Copy & Paste Code into respective Code Modules in your own Projects

Features include:

Run a full-width Flash or a Progress type of animation to fit the Active Window or an Active Window Pane in a Worksheet
Change the Bar Colour, Bar Height and Bar Width
Tweak the Speed and Fade out settings for the Bar

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