Excel has always lacked the ability to use or distribute Files using any other Fonts than the ones already installed on the PC that is opening the Files. For the most part presenting data can be done nicely using Calibri, after all it's all about the numbers right? Well that's true, but sometimes it is nice to use a different Font, one that adds a little something extra to your work, maybe for a heading or Title Text

Fontheads are small Excel (*.xlsm) Files that have a minimum amount of Code in the 'ThisWorkbook' Code Module to Install & Uninstall the Font when the File is opened. There is no lag (Code is executed with a tiny Micro-pause to ensure compliance) upon opening the File and the data for the Font is compressed and stored within 'Sheet1' of the File. The Font can then be accessed via the Drop-down Font Menu on the 'Font' Group of the 'HOME' Tab on the Ribbon and used as normal. When distributing the Workbook, the Font will follow it and be seen by anyone opening the File

Windows 7/10, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 (32bit or 64bit). Knowledge of VBA to run some basic Macros

The Download Files:
The Files come as a zip archive. On the 'Fontheads.zip' File, right-click->Extract Files... to unzip the Files. Run a single File to view the Font and press ALT+F11 to view the VBA Code. Open the Word Document 'Fontheads (Readme).docx' to see how to embed a Font of your choice in Excel

Features include:
VBA to Install & Uninstall the Fonts
Use the Font in UserForm Labels or add a little bit of Code to use the Font for TextBox Font

Utilising Fonthead in UserForms

Example Files with Fonts already embedded for you to use and distribute
Word Document Instruction File and Code ready to Copy & Paste to allow you to embed your own Fonts downloaded from Font Squirrel - details how to install the 'Black Casper' Font as shown in the image below:

Fonthead Black Casper

01.04.2018 - (Version 1) released

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