Here is a bespoke HTML/CSS/Javascript notification Message box with hover buttons for Excel to inform users of success/info, errors, warnings and help, featuring a beautiful lightbox overlay for Excel. You can display a Message that has a timeout and will disappear after a specific duration. Msg comes in 4 flavours, success/info, critical error, warning and help. Messages can be triggered from Buttons or Hyperlinks. Users can click anywhere within the LightBox or on the tiny white cross to close the Message. You can load Icons, Images or Animated GIF's and run Tasks whilst displaying the Dialog

Msg is written by Mark Kubiszyn using VBA to embed Icons, Images and animated GIF's into Memory which will follow the Workbook when distributed. The embedded Javascript/HTML/CSS Code was adapted from Code written in 2009 by Michael Leigeber,

Windows 7/10, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 (32bit or 64bit). Basic knowledge of VBA to add the 2 UserForm Code Modules, a 'mdIcon' and 'mdMsg' Code Module to your own Projects - see the Documentation for full instructions

Features include:
Works with multiple Monitors, centering the Msg Dialog in the middle of the active Monitor
Display 4 different types of Message Dialogs, success/info, critical error, warning and help
Display a Message for a specific timeout in seconds
Display a small Close Cross to dismiss the Dialog
Use Icons, Images and Animated GIF's
Features 39 Demo Dialog Boxes
Improved Fade-In for the Lightbox (over Notify)
Use Mapped Hover Buttons for Yes/No or Okay/Cancel Buttons that users can click
Button Names and Captions can be changed along with the Widths
Add Hyperlinks and HTML Formatting to your Messages
Prevent the user dismissing the Dialog by clicking on the Lightbox
Allow the Dialog to be dismissed by pressing the Escape Key
Prevent the user dismissing the Dialog using the CTRL+Break Keypress combination
Msg creates a Beautiful, fade-in lightbox effect
Msg uses Embedded Base64 encoded images that can be loaded directly or from Files. These are then stored into memory
The HTML, CSS & Javascript shows you how to:
- prevent F5 and CTRL+F5 from being pressed
- prevent the Right-click context menu from being displayed
- prevent Text Selections for the Body
- remove all scrollbars from a WebBrowser Control

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