Pivot Notes allows you to store multiple Columns of Notes and Formula alongside one or more Tabular or Outline Pivot Tables and use the +/- Buttons to Expand or Collapse separate hierarchy's of Note Columns. You can Filter or Sort Pivot Items and the Notes will persist. If the Pivot Table Source data changes, you can Index the Table to store new Notes whilst retaining any existing Notes

Windows 7/10, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 and a Pivot Table - this Product has been specifically designed for Excel 2013. Please note: this Software does not work on an Apple Mac

Features include:

Filter, sort and slice multiple columns of Pivot Notes and Formula
Index Subtotals and/or Grandtotals and insert/remove blank lines after each Item
Format multiple Pivot Note and Pivot Note Headers using different Custom Styles
Store Pivot Notes longer than 255 characters
Use Pivot Notes with the Data Model
Use Find and Replace on Pivot Note Columns
Use Data Validation to display Messages or Select from Drop-down lists
Move the Pivot Table & retain existing Pivot Notes using right-click, refresh
Group Items & store Pivot Notes at the Grouped levels

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