Pop is a Scalable, Flexible, Bespoke Message Dialog UI for Excel built using VBA/HTML/Javascript/CSS in a WebBrowser Control, featuring Icons, Images, Text, Buttons, a Progressbar and Preloaders. It includes a Javascript Fade-out for the Dialog Box when closed by a Button or the small Close Cross

Pop, PopBox (or Pop.Box) for Excel, uses Boxes as containers for Text, Frames, Images, Icons, a Progressbar and its Buttons. You can build a Modal Dialog with LightBox and Timeout to display Messages, Alerts and Notifications to users. Pop is flexible with extensive configuration Settings to adjust everything from the Lightbox Colour and Fade, the Size of the Window and Icons (in Percentage %) through to the Style used for all of the Boxes, including the Backgrounds, Borders and Fonts

Each Box can be adjusted through the CSS Styles() Parameter, by passing CSS string of Pipe '|' delimited values, for example:
"'canvas-box', {'border':'1px solid #3FC59D','width':'400px','height':'300px'} | "

Pop is written using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and VBA, building upon my Msg Software - check out some of the Screen Shots and Videos

Windows 7/10, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 (32bit or 64bit). Basic knowledge of VBA to add the 2 UserForm Code Modules, a 'mdIcon' and 'mdPop' Code Module to your own Projects - see the online Documentation for full instructions

Features include:
Works with multiple Monitors, centering the Pop 'Canvas' in the middle of the active Monitor
Installs Base64 Icons, Images & Preloaders (animated GIF's) internally within a Worksheet using the 'InstallIcons()' Subroutine, where you browse to the Files and the Code does the rest, naming the new Icons after the Filenames ready for you to use with Pop
Incorporates the 'Msg' Images to emulate the success/info, critical error, warning and help Dialogs
Gives you the ability to design a bespoke Dialog using a 'Blank' Canvas
Use Placeholders to add a 'Marching Ants' style Border so that you can see the position of the Pop Boxes on the Canvas as you design a new Dialog
Display's bespoke Dialogs with a Title, Message and Icon for a specific timeout in seconds
Display's a small Rollover / Hover, Close Cross to dismiss the Dialog - this can be changed to well over a hundred different Cross / Symbols
Features 119 Demo Pop Boxes including multiple Dialog Boxes, Progressbars, animated Dialogs and an example of 'Skinning' a SAP Style System Dialog using Pop Box (as per the Screen Shot at the top of this Page)
Create a Dialog UI with a Lightbox featuring a Title, Strapline, Message, Logo, Icon, Picture, Frame and Buttons
Build cool looking Progressbars with Percentage ie. '8%' and coloured bars that can be used to run alongside common tasks in VBA
Capture Button presses, Dialog closure and Aborts via the Escape, {Esc} Key
Includes 26 Base64 Encoded Icons, Images & Preloaders with advice and links on where to download more Icons, Images & Preloaders
Pimp your Pop Boxes through the use of the powerful CSS Styles() and CSS PsuedoStyles()
Change Pop Box settings - Width, Height, Position, Z-Index (layer), Font, Font Size, Cursor, Rollover, Rollout, Background, Colour, Border, Padding etc.
Skin a Pop Box Canvas by creating a Dialog PNG Image and then overlaying Pop Boxes ontop of the image
Add Hyperlinks and HTML Formatting to the Title, Strapline, Frames, ProgressTitle or Message of a Pop Box Dialog
Prevent the user dismissing the Dialog by clicking on the Lightbox, pressing the Escape {Esc} Key or using the CTRL+Break Keypress combination
Fade out a Dialog Pop Box
Pop uses Embedded Base64 encoded images that can be loaded directly or from Files. These are then stored into memory
The HTML, CSS & Javascript Markup shows you how to:
- prevent F5 and CTRL+F5 from being pressed
- prevent the Right-click context menu from being displayed
- prevent Text Selections for the Body
- remove all scrollbars from a WebBrowser Control

Use the links above to purchase Pop or read online documentation and watch video of Pop in the Online Documentation Section or on YouTube. You can also Share this article to Twitter, Facebook or Google+ using the links at the bottom of this page