A Rollover Sidebar Calendar for Excel that can be used to pick a Date and Capture the Date by a Defined Name or by VBA. You can advance the Month using a Drop-down Combo Box or back & forth using tiny arrows. You can set the Calendar to the current Date by pressing the 'Today' Button. As you roll across the Calendar the Cells are highlighted Red and the Selected Day is highlighted Black

Excel 2010 or Excel 2013

Features include:
A Rollover Calendar, where the selected Date is shown in Black and the highlighted Dates are shown as Red as they are 'Rolled over'
A Collapsible/Expandable Sidebar to Hide or Show the Calendar
A Month Selection Drop-down Combo used to Select a Month from 1 Year backwards or 1 Year Forwards
An optional Text Fade when scrolling back & forth through the Calendar Months

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