Tree List uses hierarchical data to create lists of Items in an Excel Worksheet that can expanded and collapsed at Parent Nodes. When the Nodes are expanded or collapsed any descendants that are already expanded or collapsed persist. The finished list can be copied into a new Workbook or an existing Project - all of the Code is generated in a self-contained "Template" Worksheet Code Module

Tree List can be used to create many kinds of lists, including a Hyperlink Index to other Worksheets or Web Pages, a T.O.C. or an Options / Settings list. Tree List is highly configurable. You can change the position of the Tree List, change the Node Type and Colours, choose whether or not to draw the Node hairlines, choose whether or not to add the Buttons and Code to expand or collapse all of the Items at once and much more... Check out the features below or download some of the free examples that have been created using Tree List

You can download a ZIP File of Examples from the link above or as individual Files in the Documentation. These Examples are not the Software - they have been created from the Treelist Software that you purchase

Windows 7/10, Excel 2013 (32bit or 64bit) - this Product has been specifically designed for Excel 2013. Please Note: the Code works with Excel 2010, however there is a flicker when selecting Nodes - please download and test the examples before purchasing if you are using Excel 2010

Features include:

Create an expandable and collapsible Tree List in an Excel Worksheet with associated VBA Code from a list of Items
The Tree List "Template" Worksheet can be renamed and copied into a new or existing Workbook
Use Text, Dates, Numbers, Hyperlinks or Styles to format the Tree List Items
Change Standard Node Icons to Warning & File Icons
Create the Tree output to start at any Row or Column
Set the Tree List Column & Row Widths
Set the Tree List Background Colour - the Icons are transparent
Choose the Node Hairline Colour or whether or not to draw the Node Hairlines
Choose the Expandable & Collapsable Node Types, either Folders, Squares or Triangles
Choose Row Banding and set the Banding Colour
Tree Node & Folder Icons visually indicate collapsed or expanded Item
Options are included to write out the VBA Code to collapse and expand all of the items at once

Please Note:
When using Treelist for larger sets of data you may have to turn off 'Draw Node Hairlines' as the routine has to iterate through the Worksheet and will take some time to complete. I have tested Treelist with 3.5K of Rows and 5 levels deep with 'Draw Node Hairlines' set to False

Before purchasing, please download the Examples and ensure that they look okay in your version of Excel. Test them by Expanding and Collapsing the Nodes one by one or all at once

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