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Msg - a Message Box with Lightbox using Icons & Preloaders for Excel

Updated 15 March 2018 - Version 1.0.1 : Price £5.99

Here is a bespoke HTML/CSS/Javascript notification Message box with hover buttons, Icons & Preloaders for Excel to inform users of success/info, errors, warnings and help, featuring a lightbox overlay for Excel. You can display a Message that has a timeout and will disappear after a specific duration. Msg comes in 4 flavours, success/info, critical error, warning and help. Msg, Messages can be triggered from Buttons or Hyperlinks. Users can click anywhere within the LightBox, press Escape or click on the tiny white cross to close the Message. Msg can be used whilst a task is running using a Callback feature...

A Skinned Pop Box with a SAP Style Dialog Skin
Pop with Camera Icon and demonstrating Psuedo Styles for Buttons

Pop with Thumb Icon

Pop - a Scalable, Flexible, Bespoke Message Dialog Box UI with Progressbar for Excel

July 4, 2018 - Version 1.3 : Price £5.99

Pop is a Scalable, Flexible, Bespoke Message Dialog UI for Excel built using VBA/HTML/Javascript/CSS in a WebBrowser Control, featuring Icons, Images, Text, Buttons, a Progressbar and Preloaders. It includes a Javascript Fade-out for the Dialog Box when closed by a Button or the small Close Cross

Pop, PopBox (or Pop.Box) for Excel, uses Boxes as containers for Text, Frames, Images, Icons, a Progressbar and its Buttons. You can build a Modal Dialog with LightBox and Timeout to display Messages, Alerts and Notifications to users. Pop is flexible with extensive configuration Settings to adjust everything from the Lightbox Colour and Fade, the Size of the Window and Icons (in Percentage %) through to the Style used for all of the Boxes, including the Backgrounds, Borders and Fonts

Each Box can be adjusted through the Styles() Parameter, by passing CSS string of Pipe '|' delimited values, for example, "'canvas-box', {'border':'1px solid #3FC59D','width':'400px','height':'300px'} | ". Pop is written using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and VBA and is the replacement for the obsolete 'Notify' Dialog and an enhancement on the previously released 'Msg'. It is the result of many Months of work and another step forward (I hope...) in UI design for Excel VBA Developers - check out some of my Screen Shots and Videos To Read More go to the main Pop Box Page or view the online Documentation


Fontheads - Distribute an Excel File with an Embedded TTF Font that can be picked from the Font Menu (8 Files, 7 Fonts & 1 Word Document explaining the process)

Updated March 20, 2018 - Version 1 : Price £2.99

Fonthead allows you to store an embedded TTF Font in a single, Macro-enabled, distributable Excel File that can be picked from the Font Menu. Included are 10 Font Files already embedded and 1 File demonstrating the quick, simple technique so that you can replicate it by downloading and embedding a Font of your choice from somewhere that allows Commercial Font embedding like:
Font Squirrel

There is no lag on opening the File and you can pick the Font from the Font Drop-down Menu - for Excel 2010/2013 32bit/64bit

Phasing Template

Phase Integer Values across 12 Weeks using a Largest Remainder Formula to prevent loss by Rounding

Updated October 9, 2017 - Version 1 : Price £2.99

Phasing Template can phase Integer values using Formula across 12 Weeks and prevent loss of Integers by implementing a Largest Remainder method. You can Copy & Paste the data into a Table which will dynamically expand all of the Formula. You can Phase each Week by a Fraction ie. 23.7% and miss out entire Weeks if you want. The Formula will then calculate the results ensuring even when Phasing by fractions that only whole Integer values are returned. The results can be copied out directly from the template with the option to copy zero or blank Cells. This can be very useful when Phasing Promotional Volumes

Pivot Notes

Store multiple Columns of Notes and Formula alongside one or more Tabular or Outline Pivot Tables

Updated April 19, 2017 - Version 5 : Price £2.99

Pivot Notes allows you to store multiple Columns of Notes and Formula alongside one or more Tabular or Outline Pivot Tables and use the +/- Buttons to Expand or Collapse separate hierarchy's of Note Columns. You can Filter or Sort Pivot Items and the Notes will persist. If the Pivot Table Source data changes, you can Index the Table to store new Notes whilst retaining any existing Notes


Create a Hierarchical Treelist with Collapsible & Expandable Nodes

Updated August 28, 2017 - Version 3.2 : Price £2.99

Treelist uses hierarchical data to create lists of Items in an Excel Worksheet that can expanded and collapsed at Parent Nodes. When the Nodes are expanded or collapsed any descendants that are already expanded or collapsed persist. The finished list can be copied into a new Workbook or an existing Project - all of the Code is generated in a self-contained "Template" Worksheet Code Module

Holiday Planner

Any Year, any Week Day, Holiday, Training & Absence Planner with Date Tracker & Julian Calendar for Excel

Updated October 28, 2017 - Version 2.1 : Price £2.99

An Excel-based any Year, any Week Day small Business Holiday, Training and Absence Planner, featuring Julian Calendar with UK Bank Holidays, ISO Week numbers, Week Days and Dates. The Holiday Planner allows you to plot Holiday Days, Training Days and Absence Days and up to 5 configurable Codes against 100 Employees (without modification), collating the Monthly statistics into a simple Summary Worksheet. The Calendar Year view gives you a detailed view by Employee of all of the Holiday Days, Training Days and Absence Days booked in a Grid format for the selected Year. Full Days Booked are shown as a solid Fill Colour and half-days are shown as shaded. Options allow you to show or hide Bank Holidays and Weekends on the "Calendar Year" Worksheet or any of the individual Calendar Month Worksheets. Version 2 allows you to choose any Week Day to begin the Calendar Year and the individual Calendar Worksheets

Rollover Sidebar Calendar

Rollover Sidebar Calendar for Excel

Updated October 14, 2017 - Version 1 : Price £2.99

A Rollover Sidebar Calendar for Excel that can be used to pick a Date and Capture the Date by a Defined Name or by VBA. You can advance the Month using a Drop-down Combo Box or back & forth using tiny arrows. You can set the Calendar to the current Date by pressing the 'Today' Button. As you roll across the Calendar the Cells are highlighted Red and the Selected Day is highlighted Black


A Nanoscopic Notification Flashbar Animation for Excel

Updated October 16, 2016 - Version 1 : Price £2.99

Here is a nanoscopic, animated Flashbar for Excel. You can use this animation to inform the user that you have just processed something. As an example, consider after Saving some data giving a quick Flash to the user would be indicative of a successful Save. The Flashbar dynamically creates and destroys a Shape Object, rendering a lovely little Bar across the top of the Worksheet that fades out as the animation ends. It has a subtle use as opposed to a Message Box which requires user interaction. This type of animation is widely used around the Internet as an indicator when loading Pages etc.


HTML5 WebBrowser Progressbar for Excel

Updated November 15, 2016 : Price £2.99

This Progressbar can be used with DoEvents or an alternative MyDoEvents to display the Percentage and Message of a Task until it is complete, after which it can Fade away or display a Complete Page with Message. I have added the Easing function to slow the rate of the Bar down as it reaches conclusion and the Workbook comes with many examples so you can get a feel as to what can be done including some 'real world' examples

CVC Generator

Generate Combinations of CVC's in Excel for APO (Build Combinations from any Highlighted Cells in 3 Lists)

Updated 9 June, 2016 - Version 4.3 : Price £2.99

This CVC Generator allows you to generate Combinations of CVC's (3 levels of different data) in Excel for APO Demand Planning. It takes 6 Columns of data and generates any of the Cells that are highlighted in the Odd Columns and then builds an output File from these selections (it can include the Descriptions too if you want). The Workbook allows you to create your own Table of data and format the output by sorting the Columns, sorting the final output, adding in Blank Columns, inserting new Columns with auto-populated Text Fields, renaming the Headers for the Columns and repeating Columns


An Alert Messagebox with Close Cross & Lightbox for Excel 2013

Updated November 7, 2016 - Version 1 : Price £2.99

Alerts are simple Excel messages that popup over a LightBox. Choose from 4 different Alert Types, vbSuccess, vbWarning, vbInfo (use for Information/Help) and vbDanger (use for Critical Issue/Errors). Alerts can be wider or taller and can show or hide a Title / Message that can also be formatted in HTML. You can dismiss Alerts by clicking on the small cross, by clicking anywhere on the LightBox or by pressing the Escape Key


An Excel White Paper on Sending Images by Email using VBA and Outlook to Avoid the Security Guard

Updated January 30, 2016 - Version : Price £2.99

This White Paper for VBA Developers demonstrates two methods to send Images by Email using VBA and Outlook. SendMail ensures that Images are Sent by Displaying the Message and letting Outlook embed the HTML Markup. SendMail2 uses the Outlook.PropertyAccessor to Attach and hide embedded Images referencing the modified HTML Markup for Images with a 'CID:' Tag. Both SendMail Subroutines use the Outlook Progress Dialog to force a Send & Receive in Outlook either by displaying the Email first or silently Sending the Email without displaying. Mail and MAPI Namespace Objects are invoked via Late Binding. The Default Mail Profile for Outlook on the Local Machine is used to send Email. Sendmail features 32 Examples with full Code

Easing Functions

Easing Functions - Animations with Frame Timer for Excel 2013

Updated October 20, 2016 - Version 1 : Price £2.99

Alerts are simple Excel messages that popup over a LightBox. Choose from 4 different Alert Types, vbSuccess, vbWarning, vbInfo (use for Information/Help) and vbDanger (use for Critical Issue/Errors). Alerts can be wider or taller and can show or hide a Title / Message that can also be formatted in HTML. You can dismiss Alerts by clicking on the small cross, by clicking anywhere on the LightBox or by pressing the Escape Key

Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood Pressure Tracker - Monitor & Print your Blood Pressure from 4 Weeks to 6 Months with Chart & Summary Sheet

Updated May 13, 2017 - Version 2 : Price £2.99

This Excel Blood Pressure Tracker allows you to record 1 to 4 daily Readings for up to 6 Months and then display a summary of all of the Readings ready to Print. It has full instructions with an easy setup Worksheet and contains no Code. Data Entry is simple and the Summary Worksheet analyses all of your Readings and displays them in a readable format that you can Print as A4 Sheets to take along to the Doctors if they request that you track your Blood Pressure