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How to Animate a UserForm with Easing and Fade by Mark Kubiszyn

A brief outline of this Project and what is in the purchased file

This Excel File will show you how to animate a standard UserForm with easing and a subtle fade. This project demonstrates fading in a UserForm as it animates into view horizontally from the Application left-hand side until the Application middle. Once it is dismissed the UserForm is animated out to the right-hand side of the Application edge disappearing as it fades. The Animation is very smooth using 2 easing functions, 1 for the 'easeIn' and one for the 'easeOut' (check out the video below). The code can be added for a Modal or Modeless UserForm. All of the code is in the UserForm Code Module itself and can be initialised by a simple call like this:

Public Sub Example()

   With UserForm1
      .Show 0 '1
   End With

End Sub


  • 64bit Excel Version 16, for Office 365 (API's are included for both 32bit and 64bit)
  • Basic Excel and VBA skills to Copy the code into your own projects
  • Windows PC · NOT a Mac!
  • No support is provided for customization of this Software


  • A single UserForm Code Module with one example
  • 2 easing Functions for the animation
  • Fade in and out code
  • easeInOutSine


This is a video of the How to Animate a UserForm


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16.10.2021 - (Version 1) Released

General release of How to Animate a UserForm with Easing and Fade