Statusbar Thread

Configurable Statusbar Spinner & Lightbox Class for Excel 2013 & 2016 (32bit or 64bit)

A Lightbox is a Light or Dark overlay that covers the entire Application Window. My Lightbox Class features some abstraction, based around a Class example by Rubberduck whereby you do not neccesarily need to ever Unload a UserForm in order for it to go out of Scope. The UserForm implements an IFoo Class and IWrapper Class to pass the UserForm as an Object. The Spinner Class is a further extention of this philosophy. Combined the Software writes out a configurable CSS Spinner to the Statusbar or the Screen Center, used while running a task. In this Software the Thread is the 'Spinner' that will appear


  • Excel 2013-2016, (32bit & 64bit)
  • Basic Excel skills. Basic to moderate VBA Skills
  • Windows PC · NOT a Mac!


  • 3 Calls, Init(), Go() and Kill()
  • Quick, smooth configurable Lightbox overlay effect
  • Change the Colour and Opacity of the Lightbox from 0-255
  • Change the Spinner Easing Type, Colours, Thickness, Speed and Position


Statusbar_Thread_v1.XLSM is ready to use. Open the Workbook and test the Demos. To view the Code behind the Lightbox Demos, click 'View Code' (you will need to enable Macros). It is encouraged that you build you Project around Statusbar Thread, however, merely copy in the UserForms and Class Code Modules in the Explorer Window to your Project and wrap an example around your task



  • Thread.Init will initialise the Thread
  • Thread.Go will run the Thread animation
  • Your Task goes here...

  • Thread.Kill will terminate the Thread

Thread has some configurable Class Members (Any Thread/Spinner settings ie. Speed or Easing must be made prior to an Init() Call):

  • Thread.SpinnerSpeed = 0.4
  • Thread.SpinnerEasing = ease
  • Thread.SpinnerTopColour = Red
  • Thread.SpinnerBottomColour = Black
  • Thread.SpinnerThickness = 1
  • Thread.SpinnerPosition = StatusBar
  • Thread.SpinnerWidth = 64
  • Thread.SpinnerHeight = 64

Lightbox has some configurable Class Members (Any Lightbox settings ie. Colour and Opacity must be made prior to a Go() Call):

  • Lightbox.LightboxColour = vbWhite
  • Lightbox.LightboxOpacity = 100

More Information

Please Note: these Parameters are not passed in the 3 Subroutine Calls. For the SpinnerSpeed member you can use any values like 0.6, 0.8, 1.2 etc. For the SpinnerEasing you can use 1 of 5 Easing Types, linear, ease, ease_in, ease_out and ease_in_out. Further Easing is allowed but not within the scope of this article. For the SpinnerTopColour and SPinnerBottomColour members, you can use any ColourType, ie. Green, Orange, Black, Gold, Blue, Red and Grey or a long value. For the SpinnerThickness you can use small numbers like 1, 2, 3. For the SpinnerPosition you can use StatusBar or ScreenCenter. For the SpinnerWidth and SpinnerHeight you can use 8+. For the LightboxColour member you can use vbWhite, vbBlack, RGB(255, 255, 255 or a long value, 5324346. The LightboxOpacity member can be 0-255 with 0 being totally transparent and 255 being a Solid Fill


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Screen Shots

A Lightbox featuring a light overlay with a Spinner using the default easing displayed upon the Statusbar

A Lightbox featuring a light overlay with a large Orange and Green Spinner centered on the Screen


Here I run through the Demos that ship with the Statusbar Thread Software and detail the VBA Code


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