Introducing Sweet Alerts Animated Modal

Sweet Alerts Animated Modal, a Message Dialog using easing Animations over a White Lightbox built with a modified version of Pop

This Software uses Robert Penners easing Functions converted from JavaScript to VBA which are part of my easing Functions and Pop my Scalable Dialog with Lightbox to produce 4 simple Alert Messages, for which, you can set the Title, Text, Theme, Button Text and Button Tooltip Text. The UserForm animations are made to the UserForm Object itself and are not JavaScript or CSS or any part of the WebBrowser that contains the HTML Markup


  • Excel 2013 & Excel 2016 (32bit or 64bit)
  • Basic to moderate Excel Skills and some VBA skills to Copy the UserForms, ITween Class and Code Modules into your own Project
  • Windows PC · NOT a Mac!
  • No support is provided for customization of this Software


  • easing Functions from my latest ITween easing Class
  • A minified version of Pop - my Scalable, Flexible, Bespoke Message Dialog UI for Excel built using VBA/HTML/Javascript/CSS in a WebBrowser Control, featuring 4 embedded Icons

This is a video of some of the Sweet Alerts


Open the SweetAlerts.xlsm File and test out all of the Demos by selecting an easing Function and then clicking on any of the Buttons


Sweet Alerts.xlsm

The Demo Workbook
Open 'Sweet Alerts.xlsm' File. Select one of the 24 different easing Functions using the Radiobuttons and then click any of the Buttons to test out the Alert. The Demos detail an Alert in 4 different styles, Success, Error, Warning and Help. Each Alert style has its own distinctive Icon displayed on the right-hand side of the Dialog. You can pass the Title of the Dialog, the Text Message, the Button Text, the Button Tooltip Text and choose which style of Alert that you want to raise. You can also choose the direction of the Alert into the center of the Excel Application, Right, Left, Up or Down. Here is the Code to style a Sweet Alert into the center of the Screen from the Left moving Right, using an easeInBack easing Function:
Public Sub SweetAlert_Success_Right()
   SweetAlert easeInBack, AlertRight, "Success", "Your request has been processed", icoSuccess, "Okay", "Close the dialog"
End Sub

To capture a button click that is returned use a local variable 'Result' like this:
Private Result as vbMsgBoxResult

Public Sub SweetAlert_Success_Right()
   Result = SweetAlert (easeInBack, AlertRight, "Success", "Your request has been processed", icoSuccess, "Okay", "Close the dialog")
End Sub

Sweet Alerts

Success Sweet Alert

Error Sweet Alert

Warning Sweet Alert

Help Sweet Alert


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Sweet Alerts

This is a video of some of the Sweet Alerts


Please remember you have purchased very affordable Software and you have not paid for a full-time Software design agency - I am but one man. Occasionally I may help with small tweaks, but these requests will be put on a much lower priority due to their nature. You have not PAID for Support, Support is 100% optional and I provide it for your convenience, so please be patient, polite and respectful

Support (limited) for my Software includes

  • Responding to questions or problems regarding the Software and its features
  • Fixing valid (replicated) bugs and reported issues for the VERSION I HAVE WRITTEN

Software support does not include

  • Customization and installation services
  • Support for third party software or ANY kind of development whatsoever

Before seeking support

  • Make sure your question is a valid Software Issue and not a customization request
  • Make sure you have read through the FAQ's, online documentation and any related video guides before asking support on how to accomplish a task
  • Ensure that you access to the VBOM is allowed and that Macros can run in Excel
  • Make sure to provide 'proof of purchase' and state the name / version of the Software that you are having issues with when requesting support by Email or via Facebook

How to get Support

Contact Mark Kubiszyn on the Email address provided when you purchased the Software, including the Order Number
...or Contact Mark Kubiszyn via our Facebook Page - remember to be patient, if there has been an issue with your download, Mark will always respond within 48 hours and will Email you the File directly if neccessary or via Messenger. For other issues the response time may be considerably longer and I may choose to respond to specific questions only (as is my right), depending on what has been asked

Future Builds

* No ideas as yet!

Bug Fixes

* There are currently no bugs identified


Read more information on the status of each release below. The latest Version including a description of any changes is shown first

18.10.2021 - (Version 1.1) Released

Build to fix issues with Pop following a Windows 10 and Office Update which affected parts of the HTML and CSS markup for the WebBrowser Control
Added a local variable and converted the SweetAlert() subroutine to a function to return the button clicked

16.12.2020 - (Version 1) Released

General release of Sweet Alerts