Mark Kubiszyn



Bloodlust, Viking hearts pumping
Carnage in a sea of flesh
Velvet foam, cleaving like fine wine to a chocolate, fondant sludge
Oozes from the lipid tubes of red, raw savagery and death
Slaughter, the cries of anguish slicing sky
As rainbows, halo the berserkers, spit and fury fly
Long sword, mighty axes roar
In rain through plundered thunder, God sent these men ashore
Victorious, wounded and bled
Valknut, spear and raven, by Odin, they bury their dead


Of all things chaste and of white which glow
I will lie with thee
Of suckling woman whore
I will not spare thee
In lust, lips, legs and breast; In utero
Plague, thy name is Incubus

Jude 1:6; And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day—

Quantos Tremor (what horror)

T’was in the moonlight that she danced
Maidenly and pure
Barefoot with shadows of the night
As silver teardrops fell
O’er a sallow and pallid brow

And when the forest was still
As mist painted pearls
In the soft light of a starry sky
Darkness kissed her lips

Hands nailed, legs bound
Blood covering bosom and hair
The whisper of Sumerian throng
Et umbra mortis (and the shadow of death)

Stronger with each shallow breath
Eyes, burning like fire
A caterwaul from a Hebrew soul
Assyrian wild-haired, winged spirit
Lilu — demon of the night

Lara an Oasis of Light

Imagine the aftermath of the holocaust
The dry, dusty land - without hope
Knowing only violating winds and dark skies
Of being isolated, bewildered, travelling along
Endlessly searching, praying for an answer
A deep soulful search, without anger or remorse

Days and weeks are lost, footprints left
For no-one to find or follow
Then, from far away
A tiny figure calls your eye, a sign
Drawing near realization dawns
The body of a woman, emanating beauty
A last, lost epitaph of man’s pitiful ignorance
Yet, the gorgeous vision of his future

The magical embrace
It’s all right, you’re safe now
Believe me you must - and of course she does
For her strong mind and beautiful body
Are now your only real world


Patterned, a rouge - how sticky her fluid loss
Though cross, faces, as demons a must
Through glass and of soundless voice
In filaments of lust, curse
Yet still we surely breathe...
By chalky lip, by cool tongue
Our moist path an immortal thirst
Drank by the greedy, dredged
Alive for our lives
... Cloudy now, but for the rouge, and the warmth
And the beginning of the darkness...

Oh’ Little One

Pleasant dreams, oh’ little one
Sweet innocent thoughts, a life just begun
But what lays in store, what dreams do await
Which picture or puzzle will be your tiny fate?
Goodnight and sleep tight, for tomorrow will come
Be ready, be brave, my little one

Anima Mantra

And so she came
In infancy, a flicker
Then more a flame, though
“Not lest the void remain could she burn, and she truly burnt...”

Unseen, a slither, a shard
Then, dagger-like glass, drew blood
Storm rivers ran ringlets, of tiny marbled hearts
For soluble, harmonizing times
Albeit like lust, mist on muddy trail departs
In execrating shivers, deliverance
A strength through consternation

Ambulatory melodies drive me on
With cavern-filled rage, I ignite
Ascend this frenzied, sorrowful flight
I am valorous, fearless anima
Victorious, thy welcoming warrior
I stand resolute!

And then, she was gone…
Charring away, but
“…With the battle won, the armoured bodies of death hang quiet…”


Darkness falls beyond the veil
A cold reminder of my nightly trail
Infliction when I close the door
View of life from inside the core
Crouching low I scent my prey
Then torch her mind with a loving spray
My secret visit leaves no scar
Watched through the mist, viewed from afar
And she knows that I come, she wants me more
She says so softly as she opens her door…

2021 © Mark Kubiszyn - All rights reserved

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