Introducing 64bit Statusbar Progressbar with easing

64bit Statusbar Progressbar with easing - a Progressbar that can be used on the Statusbar

This Software adds a Progressbar Control to the Statusbar and allows you to use 2 easing Functions and to change the Bar Background Colour, Foreground Colour, Left position, Top position, Width and Height. It uses a Class called IProgress with which Abstracts the Functions from another Class called IEasing. I have only written this for Excel 64bit 2016 so please check before you purchase!


  • Excel 2016 (64bit only, Version 8)
  • Basic to moderate Excel Skills and some VBA skills to Copy the Class Modules into your own Project and setup a Task
  • Windows PC · NOT a Mac!
  • No support is provided for customization of this Software


  • use 4 easing Functions from my latest ITween easing Class or just a Linear operation
  • Change the Bar Background Colour, Foreground Colour, Left position, Top position, Width and Height

This is a video of the Statusbar Progressbar Demo and Playaround


Right-click and Extract All to unzip 64bit Statusbar to your PC. Open '64bit Statusbar Progressbar.xlsm' File and test out all of the Demos


64bit Statusbar Progressbar.xlsm

The Demo Workbook
The Demos demonstrate how to display an LED or Smooth Progressbar on the Statusbar at the bottom of the Excel Application. Test out each Demo. Use the 'Playaround' Demo to test out the Bar Colours, easing and Positioning. You can also change the Text that is displayed. The percentage (%) will always be a calculation from 1 until the end of your Task. This will also be used for the easing Functions. Here is the Code to display the default LED Progressbar (notice that you must make 3 Calls, one to Init(), one to Update() and lastly one to Kill()):
Dim Progressbar As IProgress
Set Progressbar = New IProgress

Dim Task As Long
For Task = 1 To 10000
 Progressbar.Update Task, 10000, "Processing "
Next Task


The call to Init() sets up the initialisation for the Progressbar defaults. If you want to change the Properties of the Bar then you can do so by using the IProgress Class Properties like this before a call to Init():
Progressbar.BarType = Smooth
Progressbar.BarLeft = 120
Progressbar.BarTop = 6
Progressbar.BarWidth = 360
Progressbar.BarHeight = 12
Progressbar.BackgroundColour = RGB(34, 34, 34)
Progressbar.ForegroundColour = RGB(255, 255, 255)

The call to Update() passes the Task Step, the Total Task Steps and the Task Message for the Task. The call to Kil() destroys the Progressbar Control and resets the Statusbar

Using the Statusbar Progressbar in your own Projects
To use the Statusbar Progressbar in your own Projects, simply open your File and the 64bit Statusbar Progressbar.xlsm File, go into the VBE Editor and drag the two Class Code Modules into your Project. Add one of the examples in my Demo and you are good to go!

64bit Statusbar Prgressbar Screen Shots

Statusbar Progressbar default LED

Statusbar Progressbar Playaround with different Colours for the Bar and a different Text Message

Statusbar Progressbar Smooth with easing and a longer Bar

Statusbar Progressbar LED with easeOutQuad in Burnt Caramel

Statusbar Progressbar Smooth with easeOutSine in Burnt Pink


There are no Q & A for 64bit Statusbar Progressbar other than, no I won't be making a 32bit version! ;)

Sweet Alerts

This is a video of the 64bit Statusbar Progressbar Demo


Please remember you have purchased very affordable Software and you have not paid for a full-time Software design agency - I am but one man. Occasionally I may help with small tweaks, but these requests will be put on a much lower priority due to their nature. You have not PAID for Support, Support is 100% optional and I provide it for your convenience, so please be patient, polite and respectful

Support (limited) for my Software includes

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  • Fixing valid (replicated) bugs and reported issues for the VERSION I HAVE WRITTEN

Software support does not include

  • Customization and installation services
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Before seeking support

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  • Make sure you have read through the FAQ's, online documentation and any related video guides before asking support on how to accomplish a task
  • Ensure that you access to the VBOM is allowed and that Macros can run in Excel
  • Make sure to provide 'proof of purchase' and state the name / version of the Software that you are having issues with when requesting support by Email or via Facebook

How to get Support

Contact Mark Kubiszyn on the Email address provided when you purchased the Software, including the Order Number
...or Contact Mark Kubiszyn via our Facebook Page - remember to be patient, if there has been an issue with your download, Mark will always respond within 48 hours and will Email you the File directly if neccessary or via Messenger. For other issues the response time may be considerably longer and I may choose to respond to specific questions only (as is my right), depending on what has been asked

Future Builds

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Bug Fixes

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You can find the version history in the Code Module for any Macro-enabled Software or read more information on the status of each release
- the latest Version including a description of any changes made is always shown first

20.12.2020 - (Version 2.1)

Removal of unused TEasing variable from the Class Interface
Added 2 new easings, easeOutQuad and easeOutSine - start fast, then slow down
Added in 2 Demos for the new easings. 1. An LED Bar in Burnt Caramel on a Dark Background using easeOutQuad, fast, then slow. 2. A Smooth Bar in Burnt Pink on a Dark Background using easeOutSine, fast, then slow

18.12.2020 - (Version 2) Released

General release of 64bit Statusbar Progressbar. This version superceeds any of my previous versions that were never released. Please Note: legacy versions of this Software are not available