Quick Steps

Easing Functions documentation

Quick Steps to start working

  1. Press ALT+F11 to open the VBA Editor and examine the Code - you will find the easingFunctions(), Example Subroutine, a FrameTimer() Function and all of the Easing Functions
  2. As an example suppose you had a Shape called shpWheel, then to animate the Shape you can modify the routine given in the easingFunctions() Subroutine and use shpWheel.Top = easeOutBounce(dblFrame, intStart, (intEnd - intStart), dblTotalFrames) to move the Shape using an "easeOutBounce" Easing Function
  3. Please Note: a good level of VBA skills are required to use these Easing Functions - this Code gives you a method and Frame Time enabling the process and the ported Easing Functions

    This Software shows you how to use ported Easing Functions to move a small square - if you are trying to use Excel and VBA for animation, then hopefully you will find some of the Code really useful


Easing Functions was written by Mark Kubiszyn based upon Robert Penners easing functions http://robertpenner.com/easing/

  • the latest version is version 1
  • as per terms of the Software License, you should leave the following code attribution in situ

' © Copyright/Author:
' Mark Kubiszyn 2012-2017. All Rights Reserved
' Website/Follow:
' http://www.kubiszyn.co.uk/
' https://www.facebook.com/Kubiszyn.co.uk/


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About the Easing Functions

This Software uses Robert Penners easing functions converted from JavaScript to VBA. These Functions together with the Code in the 'mdlEasingFunctions' Code Module move the little square according to the type of Function selected using the Drop-down combo in Cell "I3". Here is one of the converted Functions:

Function easeOutQuad(ByVal t As Double, ByVal b As Integer, ByVal c As Integer, ByVal d As Double)
    t = t / d
    easeOutQuad = -c * t * (t - 2)
End Function

The Easing Plot

The Easing Plot Chart shows you the movement in time throughout each Function using the data at Cell "B22":

Easing Functions - The Easing Plot

The Frame Timer

The Software uses a simple Frame Timer to control the motion, looping for a specified interval. The precise nature of the Frame Timer allows you to move the square smoothly through each Easing Function

Screen Shots

Easing Functions - easeinQuad:

Easing Functions - easeinQuad

Easing Functions - easeOutBounce:

Easing Functions - easeOutBounce


Easing Functionsbar Simulation Demo:


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20.10.2016 - (Version 1) released