Introducing 64bit IEasing Class for Excel

64bit IEasing Class

This Class allows you to use my ported easing Functions via a Class to animate Shapes, UserForms and Objects in 64bit Excel. easing Functions do not have direction. Each easing Function returns a value dependant on the number of values you require in a second. So from 0 to 1 second, when using 24 Frames per second the easing Functions would return 24 values every 0.0416666666666667 of a second that would indicate the movement steps of the Object from one position to another. For example here are the easing Function return values for 'easeInExpo' ran at 24 Frames per second for movement from position 100 to position 400 (this easing Function starts slowly and then accelerates rapidly and the first step is the start position, the last step is the end position):

	easing Output
1	100.3911057
2	100.522049
3	100.6967697
4	100.9300766
5	101.2415771
6	101.6572418
7	102.212204
8	102.9529114
9	103.9417343
10	105.2615738
11	107.0233078
12	109.3750381
13	112.5140915
14	116.7043304
15	122.2976379
16	129.7637787
17	139.7298431
18	153.0329895
19	170.7905579
20	194.4940948
21	226.134491
22	268.3692932
23	324.7460632
24	400


  • Excel & Access 2016 64bit, Version 8 (this Class will also work for 32bit Excel & Access as there are no API's)
  • Basic to moderate Excel Skills and VBA skills to Copy the IEasing Class and add the example Code to a Code Module
  • Windows PC · NOT a Mac!
  • No support is provided for customization of this Software


  • a single minified Class Module for 64bit Excel & Access
  • 24 easing Functions
  • easeBackInCubic

Installation contains all of the Files. Unzip the Archive to your PC (right-click, extract all...). There are 3 Files, the main IEasing.cls File, a Readme.txt File and a License.txt File. Open and read the two text Files. The Readme.txt File includes the example Code needed to demonstrate the Class


Using the Class

Import the Class
In order to use the Class you will need to import it into Excel. Open your Project or a new Excel Workbook. Open the VBE Editor and do File->Import File, browse and search for the IEasing.cls File that you unzipped and then load it in. Open the Readme.txt File that you unzipped and add the Code in this File into any Code Module - if you do not have a Code Module insert one into your new or existing Project first and then add the Code example from the Readme.txt File. Now you are good to go. Run the Code. A simple illustration of using the Code is shown below (full Code is given to ensure that you can use this Class correctly in Excel but is not shown here as this Class needs to be purchased first for a small fee on the link at the top left of this Webpage):
Dim Easing As IEasing
Set Easing = New IEasing

Dim Sprite As Shape
Set Sprite = ActiveSheet.Shapes("donut")
Sprite.Left = Easing.easeInExpo(0, 100, 400 - 100, 1)

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IEasing Class Screen Shot


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20.12.2020 - (Version 1) Released

General release of IEasing Class